Put A Playground On Your Christmas List

Put A Playground On Your Christmas List

With winter now here, schools should start to plan ahead for the better weather of the New Year. A new playground can really put spring in the step of children at any school. Regrettably, many schools would like to purchase new playground equipment but are unable to generate the necessary funds. Many schools would like to apply for playground equipment funding but many don’t know where to start.

Leading outdoor playground equipment suppliers have worked with schools across the UK to help them make the most of the play spaces available. They design and install playground equipment for schools, Councils and local authorities to improve the play experience for children. Playground suppliers can also help schools to gain funding for playgrounds using their years of experience in the industry.

A variety of playground funding sources are available including School fundraising events, Lottery funding and The Playground Partnership. With Christmas rapidly approaching, schools should make the most of the Christmas spirit to raise funds for playground equipment.

“Christmas is a great time for giving. Schools can take advantage of this and raise funds for playground equipment by holding a range of events such as a cake sale, Carol Service, raffle or bring and buy. This is a win-win for the school as parents, people from the community and school children can all get involved to help raise money for a great cause” said a spokesperson for playground supplier Playforce.

Outdoor playground equipment suppliers are currently offering a free playground funding ideas factsheet for schools across the UK. “Many schools need to get help funding their playgrounds but many don’t know where to start. We’ve got years of experience working with schools and have condensed our knowledge into an easy to read factsheet”

The factsheet also gives advice on how to prioritise playground funding campaigns, how to develop a playground strategy and include all stakeholders in the development projects. The advice for playground funding applicants is that “It is important that schools take the time to make their playground funding applications specific to the awarding body. We have found that a lot of schools use the same applications again and again and fail to get the result they want. The single biggest factor in making applications successful is to do research. If schools put the time in with their applications, they are more likely to get their applications approved.”

The factsheet can be downloaded online from the Playforce website, this also provides further information about playground equipment. There is a listing of outdoor children’s playground equipment which can also be provided, as well as other resources which are available for schools. “For schools looking to improve their holistic approach to play, we now offer additional advice and supporting documents. Schools now have many things to consider when looking at how to improve play in the community such as inclusion, Disability Discrimination Act compliance and travel planning. We have put together publications, guides and teaching supports to help schools when thinking about play”