Your First Love, The Slot Machine

Your First Love, The Slot Machine

When you think of a casino what mental image appears first? The room full of slot machines! The slot machine is first love of anybody that goes to the casinos or riverboats. The slot machine is an interesting piece of machinery, both mechanical and computer. The slot machine commonly called the one-armed bandit is now a computer in disguise and all slot machines are not created equal.

Nickel slots may offer lower payouts, but this is the most inexpensive way for a newcomer to learn the ropes of the casino slot machine. Many features are the same between the nickel slots and the 5 dollar slots, but you need to start out on the nickel machine so you can keep your money while you learn. . Nickel slots may offer lower payouts, but there is still nothing like the thrill of hitting the jackpot, no matter what machines your casino offers.

When you walk into the casino the casino will feature just about everything from ‘single coin’ nickel machines to 5 dollar and up multiple payline slot machines and slot machines with progressive pots. The single coin machine are just what their name implies; you are gambling with one coin whether it be a nickel, quarter or dollar coin. Also some slot machines can take more coins and the more coins you play on a single pull will increase the amount that you can win. The gamblers that play the maximum amount usually win the best jackpots.

Playing progressive slots are becoming a very popular past time. These machine usually have a very large jackpot, sometimes in the millions. Each time a coin is played on a progressive slot machine a percentage is added to the jackpot. The progressive slot machines are tied together through a computer network within the casino or they are networked between casinos. To win the big jackpots you will need to bet the maximum.

No matter what slot machines you play stick to your spending limits and read the instructions on every machine that you play. If you maintain your bank roll you can have hours of fun. Enjoy yourself and have a blast!